The Blake Boys Series

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 Meet The Blake Boys!

The Blake Boys Series chronicles the romantic adventures of the men of the Blake world: Seth, J.J., Tyler, Channing, Tate McGill, Bo Jamison, Jared Reed, Derek Popovich,  Wyatt and Corbett Connelly.  With busy careers, the Blake men find love in the most unexpected places.  The series begins with Seth Blake, NFL quarterback for the Philadelphia Titans.  Seth is celebrating his latest Super Bowl win on a tropical island when he meets feisty bookstore owner Morgan Reed in For the Love of the Game.  They continue their romance in MVP when Seth takes Morgan home to meet his family.  The Blake Legacy shows the couple dealing with many life changes like parenthood, busy careers and tackling important decisions that will shape the future of their family.  Country western singer Tate McGill must face the past and embraces a new future in his story Texas Heat when he meets Isabelle Reed, Morgan’s cousinLove Notes and Football is another dance with the fan favorite couple that started it all!  We peek into Seth and Morgan’s lives once again as they face new challenges on their landscape and prepare for the new additions to their family.  Seth and Morgan will appear again in Off Season, as Seth’s career winds now and a few new surprises pop up for the couple.

The Perfect Storm, the story of the oldest Blake, John Jacob Jr. AKA J.J.  He’s a bit of a mystery and we delve into his past as a pro-football quarterback turned corporate magnate who has reached a major turning point in his life.

We find out what makes Tyler Blake tick in Slow Burn!  This rogue Blake has a habit of finding trouble and leaving lovelorn women where ever he goes!  Tyler has one problem, Michelle Bradley, the only woman he can’t seem to get out of his mind.

Cowboy’s Heart gives us an update on Tate and Isabelle as Tate concludes the Cowboy’s Heart tour!  The Blakes and Reeds descend on Las Vegas and calamity ensues!

Channing Blake gets more than he can handle in Tempting Fate when he returns home from law school to work at Blake Enterprises!  His old flame Emma Winterbourne wants to start things up but he can’t get school mate Cassidy Shaw out of his mind.

In Executive Desires, CFO of Blake Enterprises Bo Jamison has been enjoying life on the wild side since he ditched his nerdy persona in Cowboy’s Heart and decided to live a little.  He’s dating, reconnecting with his estranged family and enjoying the company of two beautiful twin sisters who just moved into the condo across the hall from him.

In Meet the Blakes, Blake parents John Jacob and Teri-Lyn reminisce about their love as the family prepares for a joyous event on the ranch.

It’s time for some major changes for Seth & Morgan in The Final Play as Seth winds down his football career.

Jared finds something more exciting than work when he finally takes a vacation and runs into his destiny when he’s Stranded in Paradise.

Hockey player Derek meets his match in Slap Shot while renovating his bar and doing damage control of his latest fling.

Seth and Morgan embark on a new phase in their lives in Off Season.  Decisions and unexpected surprises crop up as the couple settle into life full-time on the ranch.

In Worth the Wait, College student Wyatt Connelly is coming to terms with adulthood as graduation looms and his feeling for Avery Reed get more complicated.

Channing and Cassidy must take a Leap of Faith if they want their dream of being parents to come true.

Corbett and Anna Beth finally face their fears and their feelings for each other in the holiday themed Begin Again.

Derek and Charisma’s love adventure continues when they take their relationship to the next level in Playing for Keeps.

Check 2017 Blake Boys News page for the next phase of the series!


For the Love of the Game


The Blake Legacy

Love Notes & Football

The Final Play

Off Season

Co-owner of the Texas Tomcats

Pro Football Player for the Philadelphia Titans

Married to: Morgan Reed-Blake

Father of Seth Jr. AKA “Jake”, Connor, Colby and Mackenzie

Check out Seth’s Character Profile

 Divider 3

Texas Heat

Cowboy’s Heart

Country Music Star

Married to: Isabelle Reed

Adopted Blake

Father of Matt AKA “Curly”, Owen and Lucas

Check out Tate’s Character Profile

Texas Heat Book Trailer

Divider 3

The Perfect Storm

Former Pro Football Player

President of Blake Enterprises

Eldest Blake Son

Divorced from Eden Blake

Married to: Sam Carson

Father of John III AKA “Jack”, Gabe and Deacon

Check out J.J.’s Character Profile

The Perfect Storm Book Trailer

 Divider 3

Tyler Blake Banner 4

Slow Burn

Race Car Driver

President of the Blake Hotels

Married to: Michelle Bradley

Father of Tucker and Evan

Check out Tyler’s Character Profile

Divider 3

 Tempting Fate

Leap of Faith

 Corporate Attorney

Married to: Cassidy Shaw

Father of Brady, Aiden and Drew

Check out Channing’s Character Profile

Divider 3

Executive Desires

CFO Blake Enterprises

Surrogate Cousin

Married to: Summer Waverly

Father of Bo III

Check out Bo’s Character Profile

Divider 3

Stranded in Paradise

 Owner Reed Designs

Morgan’s Brother

Married to: Autumn Waverly

Father of Harper

Check out Jared’s Character Profile

Divider 3

Slap Shot

Playing for Keeps

 Pro Hockey Player Philadelphia Pirates

Seth’s Friend

Married to: Charisma Reed

Father of Alexis

Check out Derek’s Character Profile

Divider 3

Worth the Wait

Bartender at the Bright Star

College Student

Bo & Corbett’s Little Brother

Girlfriend: Avery Reed

Check out Wyatt’s Character Profile

Divider 3

Begin Again

 Bo & Wyatt’s Brother

Married to: Anna Beth

Check out Corbett’s Character Profile

Divider 3

Updated July 2017

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33 thoughts on “The Blake Boys Series

  1. I am trying to find a reading order. I think it is just one of those days but this site is very confusing. What am I doing wrong? I read a couple books and liked them so I would like to continue if I can.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Laurel,

    I’ve just started the series (currently reading the first book) and I was just wondering how many books are going to be in all total? 18? 20? Just curious!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ms. Laurel, I was thinking that since your still searching the perfect love interest for Corbett and inthe future for Riley, how about creating a single black mom with a disabled child that has autism,downs syndrome, or some thing..I’m an old mom with a biracial teen son with severe autism who was diagnosed when wasn’t even 1yr old. And the hardest thing next to raising an autistic child is dating when your life 24/7 is raising and caring for a Neurologicaly disabled child and trying to find time for yourself. It would be nice to see a romance novel tackle this subject and your Blake Boys series seems to be the perfect place to do it..anyway thank you for letting me toss the suggestion out there.And thank you creating one of my interracial romance series.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. September 25, 2015 12:54pm.
    Hello Ms. Rhonda Laurel, I Have Been STALKING Your Website For The Past Week Waiting For The Release Of Meet The Blakes. And Today I Was Literally Counting Down The Minutes And Seconds On This Site. So, At 12 Noon Sharp I Direct My Cursor To Amazon Website And No New Release For Meet The Blakes. I Actually Miff Footwork Rook Today. LOL
    I Am Having Withdrawals Here Please Find Out What Is The Hold Up. Thank You


  5. Hi Rhonda,
    Why are there no pictures of Seth’s face & body especially since all of the Blake Boys are compared to him? Also PLEASE tell me that he and Morgan are going to have more kids. I love Jake and the twins but they need at least 2 more siblings and the 5th should be a girl. What is the release date for book 11?

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  6. I have read all of the Blake series and I must say they are one of my favorite fiction families . Are you going to put Morgan’s niece and Bo’s brother together ?

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  9. As a birthday present to myself, I just purchased and finished reading “Loves Notes and Football.” I loved reading about Seth, Morgan, Jake and their newest family members but I could not help wishing that their story had been a little longer. Do you plan to write a second book about Tate and Izzy? I also loved the way that you allowed the “Reed Women” to stand united to achieve a common goal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lori!

      I would like to write a second book about Tate and Izzy! They have another adventure in them. I thought it was nice to see a different side of Morgan and Charisma’s relationship for a change.


  10. I just read all Blake boys books and Texas Heat. I loved them all and I became a fan of your books. I hope that Tyler and Channing will get their stories told. I hope JJ divorces Eden so he can find true love with a woman who loves him for himself not his money or family connection. I wanted to slap the taste out of Charisma, Lamont and Aunt Debra.


    • Hi Zina!

      Thank you for loving The Blake Boys!

      I am currently writing J.J.’s story, so there is some happiness coming his way! Tyler and Channing’s stories are on my list too!

      Charisma and Co. cause trouble every where they go. Lol.


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  12. Hi. I’m a new fan of your Blake Boys Series and of Morgan and Seth as well as the entire Reed-Blake crew! I bought all three books and read the latest two in just one sitting ( the same day I bought them)! I noticed you’re going to do a story for Tate and saw who will be his potential love interest. Is she somehow related to Morgan? Thanks for such great books!


    • Hi Latise!

      Thank you for your support! Yes, Isabelle is Morgan’s cousin. I thought I’d keep it in the family and since Morgan has no sisters, Isabelle was the logical choice! They are close and Isabelle is the anti-Charisma. Lol.


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    • Hi Catina!

      Tate will be the next character to make his own book and I hoping for early spring. I am currently writing Hollywood Rush the sequel to Star Crossed, once I’ve completed it, then Tate is all mine. Lol. And actually…he makes an appearance in Hollywood Rush so he’s still in my thoughts now.


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