Pub News: Author Chronicles Issue 3

World Building & Other Shenanigans

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I hope the first quarter of 2022 has been a good one! It certainly is a change for the better from the last two years. The new year came upon me with health ailments and a reminder that I am not getting any younger. Lol. It has slowed me down but has not stopped me from working on the new series.

I have been busy creating the landscape for The Blake Boys: The Next Generation. The twist to this new series design is that I know most of the characters. I expanded the original Blake Boys big picture as it grew but this time, I have a lot more to work with to flush out my Blake babies into adult characters.

Jake and Gabby’s romance is shaping up well but there are other characters, like Mackenzie, popping up while I work on her big brother’s story! It will be a while before it’s Mackenzie’s turn to find love, but I must say her story interrupts my thoughts when mapping out her brothers’ and cousins’ romantic adventures.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the next phase in the Blake family saga. Don’t forget about the All or Nothing series. The characters in that series intersect with the characters in the first series. So, if you read about someone’s romance mentioned in The Blake Boys series, they probably have a book of their own in the All or Nothing chronicles.

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Pub News: Author Chronicles – End of Year Q & A

Hello Readers!

I hope everyone enjoyed Homecoming. It was a joy to write about the missing puzzle piece in the Blake family history. If you haven’t entered the giveaway, there is still time to answer the trivia questions for a chance to win. Click the link – Homecoming Trivia Giveaway

The periodic blog entry Rabbit Hole Chronicles is now the Author Chronicles! For my 2021 end of year wrap up I will be premiering my first podcast covering my journey back to the world of writing. I will be discussing future plans (The Blake Boys: The Next Generation) as well as fan favorite topics.

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New Release: Homecoming (The Blake Boys 20)




A homecoming that will tie them together once more…or drive them apart for good.

Reagan McElroy is a woman on a mission. The former Secret Service agent now works for Regency Security, and she’s promised the Blakes—the famous, wealthy, and huge family in Texas—that she can bring home their long-lost nephew. That nephew is Colton Cahill, U.S. Marshal, and the son of Gabe Blake, MIA in Vietnam. But Colton is also a man she’s had a serious romantic history with…and it didn’t end well. Things between them had been heating up faster than an oven on a hot summer day, but then Colton suddenly went cold along with their relationship. One way or another, she intends to drag Colton to Texas to meet the family of the father he’s never known …and get some answers for herself. Such as why a man who had stolen her heart suddenly forced her to leave everything they’d had together behind.

Colton Cahill is stubborn, dedicated, and no-nonsense, so he isn’t exactly ecstatic when the woman he once loved walks back into his life and drops a bombshell that rocks his world. It seems Colton is related to the famous Blakes in Texas through his father, a man who left his mother before Colton was born. Only there’s far more to the story than he ever realized. Not only that but seeing Reagan again has only rekindled feelings he believed he’d put behind him forever. After all, Reagan had left him behind and moved to Texas to work for the Blakes when he’d needed her most. He intends to get to the bottom of that mystery and uncover the truth about his father. For Colton, this homecoming might be the hardest trial he’s ever endured.

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