Character Profile: Tate McGill (The Blake Boys Series)

Name:                       Tate McGill

Occupation:           Country Western Singer        


Marital Status:    Single

Where I Live:           Twelve Horseshoes Ranch

                                     Blake County, Texas

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A day in my life.

When I’m not on the road touring, I’m at my cabin on the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch in Texas.  I get to see my wild brothers and hang out at the Bright Star Saloon.  When we’re not getting into trouble, the owner Cal let’s me get on stage and do my thing.  That’s where I made my musical debut and it will always have a special place in my heart.  

In my line of work, I’m surrounded by beautiful women all the time and I must admit it’s made me a bit spoiled.  But my brother Seth got married a while back and he’s happier than he’s ever been in his life.  Morgan is a great woman, they have a son, Jake, and another one on the way.  Seeing that joy in his life got me to thinking about finding some of that for myself. I’m sure the right woman will come along one of these days… 

I made my first appearance in MVP.  I got into a bar fight with the boys in The Blake Legacy.  I visit Kate at Atlantis Records in the upcoming Hollywood Rush.

My adventure begins in 2014 in Texas Heat!  Release date April 18th!


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6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Tate McGill (The Blake Boys Series)

  1. I can’t wait to read Tate story. I’m lovn me some Blake & McGill. Please release this book first of the year! I dnt usually read interracial stories, however, the Blake series has me wanting to read more! Can’t wait, please release like NOW!


    • Hi Natalie! So glad you like the series! Tate has touched a nerve with readers and I love it! He will be in Hollywood Rush, so you will get to see him before his book releases! He has some very good scenes in there 🙂


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