Character Profile: Jared Reed (The Blake Boys Series)


“How’s the love life?”

“I still have the stench of a new divorce on me. There is no love life to speak of at this time.” Jared shifted in his seat.

“I don’t believe that.”

“I’ve been busy with work.” Jared flashed her a cheesy smile and pulled Jake onto his lap.

– Jared and Morgan, The Blake Legacy

Name:                       Jared Reed

Occupation:          Architect/Reed Designs

Marital Status:      Divorced

Where I Live:        Philadelphia, PA


My life couldn’t be better.  My architectural firm, Reed Designs, keeps me busy and I’ve recently inked a deal with J.J. to work at Blake Enterprises.  Work keeps me busy and more importantly, out of trouble.  And by trouble I mean the romantic kind.  My family thinks my divorce has soured me on relationships but that’s not true. I like the single life.  No attachments and the freedom to do as I please.  But my baby sister Morgan is on a mission to get me hitched again.  Her attempts to find me a woman drives me crazy at times but I know she’s doing it out of love.

We’re all going to Las Vegas for Tate’s concert and that should be a hoot.  The last time the entire family went on vacation, Morgan got lost at Lake George and we spent hours looking for her.  I never let her live that down.  What are big brothers for?  I tormented her as a kid but I adore my baby sister.  She’s always looking out for me, whether I want her to or not.

I made my debut in For the Love of the Game when Morgan brought Seth home to meet the family.  I pop in and out of Seth and Morgan’s landscape from time to time and babysit my precocious nephews.  Bo, Channing and I will be getting into a fun predicament in Cowboy’s Heart.

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