New Release: Meet the Blakes (The Blake Boys #11)


The passion that started it all. The love that lasted a lifetime.


The Twelve Horseshoes Ranch is getting ready for a joyous event, the double wedding of sons Tyler and Channing to their beautiful fiancées Michelle and Cassidy. John Jacob and Teri-Lyn are determined to make it an affair to remember.

As the Blakes prepare for the double wedding, John Jacob and Teri-Lyn reminisce about how they fell in love. Turns out it wasn’t always a smooth ride for the handsome, brooding, driven cowboy who was out to right a wrong done to his family. And things were certainly not easy for the beautiful and strong-willed redhead who knew exactly what she wanted out of life, and it certainly wasn’t a man who couldn’t stay put.

As the entire family gathers for activities and fun the week of the wedding, secrets are revealed and past history comes to light. The Blakes have a few things to contend with for the big day, but they do it the only way they know how—as a family. Continue reading

Meet the Blakes (Book 11 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II


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 Paintball Wars

The Blakes can’t resist having a little friendly competition before the wedding.Divider 4



           Teri-Lyn loved the energy on the ranch, which was bustling with family members and good friends. The grandkids were having a good time with the exception of Jake, who spent most of his time dodging the affection of Patton and Nina’s daughter Gabby. They argued most of the time but it usually ended with her trying to give him a hug which he hated. Continue reading

Meet the Blakes (Book 11 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt I

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John Jacob.  Teri-Lyn.  The parents of J.J., Seth, Tate, Tyler and Channing are no strangers to romance.  As the Blakes prepare for a celebration on the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch, John Jacob and Teri-Lyn reminisce about their love affair in Meet the Blakes. 

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     The minute she saw his dusty black truck coming down the road, Teri-Lyn loaded her double barrel shotgun. So the rumors were true that John Blake was back in town and if gossip was correct, he’d been back for almost a week. A week! Maybe he needed that time to get up the nerve to face her or maybe he was just a jerk who did what he pleased. She wanted to make him squirm. She fired a warning shot but the truck kept down the path. Continue reading