Character Profile: Isabelle Reed (The Blake Boys Series)

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Name:                             Isabelle Reed

Occupation:                Violinist                           

Marital Status:        Single/Recently Divorced

Where I Live:                Savannah, Georgia


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I’m headed home to Philadelphia for my cousin Dana’s wedding but what I’m really looking forward to catching up with my favorite cousin Morgan.  We’ve always been close, more like sisters really, even when I was moving around the world with my military dad, the Colonel. 

These days we seem to be living opposite lives.  She’s happily married with a son and has another bun in the oven and I just finalized my divorce.  I’m nursing a broken arm and to make matters worse, I haven’t been able to play my violin for a while.

My dad says when life kicks you in the ass, send in the troops and reclaim what belongs to you.  He may be a little heavy on the military jargon, but he’s right.  Life goes on and I need to get moving again. 

The recovery is grueling but the biggest challenge will be telling the Reeds about my divorce.  I love them all but they can be an intrusive bunch of people!  Luckily I have Morgan to feed me cookies and give me shelter.  I’ll be staying at the Ashcroft while I’m in town.  I get to spend some time with my little sweetheart Jake and ask Seth about his shocking career decision.

I’m ready to file my application for spinsterhood.  I have no interest in ‘getting back up on the dating horse’ or ‘finding new fish in the vast sea of men’.  One thing that crazy marriage taught me is that I’m DONE with men. 

There is no force on this planet that could make me be a fool for love again

My adventure begins in 2014 in Texas Heat, release date April 18th!


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