J.J. Blake’s Denver, Colorado

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There are moments when a story comes together and my recent trip to Denver, Colorado was a cosmic wink of sorts to J.J. and Sam’s upcoming story, The Perfect Storm. When I started J.J.’s backstory months ago, Colorado popped into my head and I knew John Jacob Blake Jr., ex-quarterback for the fictional Denver Colts had found a periodic home away from the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch.


Cosmic Winks


1 – The barista that took my order at a Denver Starbucks was named Sam!


2 – I was channel hopping in the hotel room and turned to the movie…The Perfect Storm.


3 – On the Denver City tour, the driver turned down Blake Street!

Blake Street 1

4 – Visited the Red Rocks Amphitheater and the headliner performing that night was Chris Young, my fictional Tate! See my Pinterest pin of him on my The Blake Boys Series board.


5 – The tour stopped the Molly Brown House Museum and the driver told the history of “Unsinkable” Molly Brown and her husband J.J. (James Joseph Brown)


The last time I had such a connection was when I took a trip to Philadelphia and was doing final edits on the book that started it all, For the Love of the Game. I was out taking photos of the city when my fictional vision of Seth jogged right past me!

Some people may call it all a coincidence but this series of wacky events has assured me that J.J. and Sam were meant to spend some time in Denver in the book. This week has been a fantastic adventure and J.J. may just be the hottest Blake yet.  Because some things, as I discovered this week, are meant to be.

Happy Reading!