One thought on “Tempting Fate Excerpt I

  1. Tempting Fate, Hope and Tears….Ok, So I Just Finished Reading Channing and Cassidy’s Story And My Mind Is Reeling And My Heart Is Heavy. Why Do I Get The Feeling That Cassidy Will Be The One To Break The Blake’s Super Duper Genetic Pool And Give Channing A Girl But Won’t Live Long Enough To See Her Grow Up. I Was Blown Away By This Story Line But I Guess Every Good Series Need A Curve Ball To Mix Things Up A Bit And This Delivered. Although When It Was Revealed Why Cassidy Disappeared For One Year I Cried, Literally! I Just Hope That As These Characters Are Brought To Life On Paper We Get To Experience More Happy Times Than Sad. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Rhonda Laurel And Her Creative Abilities To Give Us Ten Books And Counting With Such Complex Characters And The Best Is Yet To Come. I Am Counting The Weeks And Months Until I Reconnect With Channing and Cassidy. May The Writing GODS Keep Cassidy Alive For A Looooong Time. Thank Rhonda Laurel
    Robin Layne

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