Hollywood Heat World Character Glossary

The Hollywood Heat world is filled with many characters who make up the series.  Some are major characters who are woven throughout the entire series and some are characters are there to add a splash of color and depth to the stories.  Below is the Hollywood Heat World Glossary.  It will updated frequently, especially after a new release!

In Alphabetical Order

Chris Cavanaugh

            Movie Star

            Husband of Kate Garrison

Kate Garrison-Cavanaugh

            Wife of Chris Cavanaugh

            Co-owner of Atlantis Blue Records

            Co-owner of Pinnacle Movie Studios

Virginia Claymore

Tru Davies

            President of Blue Vinyl

Abigail Garrison

            Mother of Kate

            Mother-in-law of Chris

            Aunt of Billie

John Gray

            Co-owner of Atlantis Blue Records

Malik Hayworth (deceased)


            Friend of Kate and John

Darwin Jeffries


            Drug dealer

           Chris’s friend

Sabrina McAvoy

            Kate’s executive assistant at Atlantis Blue


            Prized pooch

Jack Pierce

            Movie Director

           (Ex) husband of Kate

            Father of Zoe

Zoe Pierce

            Daughter of Jack and Brianna

Brianna Sage


            Mother of Zoe

Kingston Shane

            Rock Star

           Former lead singer of the Hell Cats

Athena St. James

            Kate’s cousin

            Sister of Billie and Scar

Billie St. James

            Kate’s cousin

            Wife of Dominic

            Sister of Scar and Athena

Harper St. James (deceased)

            Brother of Billie

Scar St. James

            Kate’s cousin

            Sister of Billie

Andre White

            Vice president Atlantis Blue Records


Clara Weismann

            Wife of Marvin

            Mother of Henry

Henry Weismann

            Drug addict

            Disowned Son of Marvin and Clara

Marvin Weismann (deceased)


            Owner of Blue Vinyl Records

            Co-owner of Pinnacle Movie Studios

            Husband of Clara

            Father of Henry

Raymond Whitland

Co-owner of Pinnacle Movie Studios

Charlotte Woodreaux


            Kate’s best friend

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