Hollywood Heat Series Character Profiles

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3 thoughts on “Hollywood Heat Series Character Profiles

  1. Thank you! Readers really like Kate’s independent spirit and I enjoy writing about it! And Chris isn’t intimidated by that at all. 🙂 As we delve deeper into the series, we’re going to get into some really fun stuff. So glad you like the series.


  2. Really looking forward to more of Kate and Chris. I came to the series late and could have hit myself for skipping over it in the past because I had little interest in a story that had Hollywood as a setting, but I tried it and not only did I like it, I loved it. I really appreciate Kate’s strength of character as well as the fact that she is a Boss. There are so many yet-to-be-revealed facts about the couple’s backgrounds (especially Kate’s) as well as present challenges that I feel that the series could go on (hopefully) for quite some time. Double Exposure is on my short list for most anticipated books of 2015.

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