Giveaways Rules and Regulations

Part of the fun in the writing journey is interacting with my readers!  I love to host giveaways as a fun way to participate in the story after it’s been read.

Below are the rules and regulations for giveaway entries:


Privacy of Information Provided

The email address you provide is never shared, sold and given to anyone else.  Any comments posted on this site will reveal the person’s name only.  Any forms completed (name/email address) can only be viewed by the admins of this site.  

Number of Entries

Each person may enter once per giveaway.  Multiple entries will be condensed to one person’s name/email address.  

Trivia Giveaway Entries

In the case of the trivia giveaway, if you realized you answered a question incorrectly, you can enter again.  I filter the entries when the drawing process begins and incorrect answers are removed first.

Winner Notifications

All winners are contacted via email.  I will also update the post with the first names of winners on the date of the drawing.  If you’ve entered, please check back periodically to see the winning names. 

Each winner has 14 days to respond to the announcement email.  If you have not replied within the 14 days, I will select another winner.

An email notification is sent to all winners.  The giveaway prize will be mailed within 30 days of notification that you have won.  

Gift Cards

Most gift cards can be mailed or emailed these days, so there will be times when I will offer an e-gift card.  For anyone who doesn’t use apps, etc., please request a paper/mail gift card if you feel more comfortable using it.  If that particular vendor offers it, I will try to accommodate you.



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