Morgan & Seth’s Playlist


Morgan and Seth’s Playlist!

Here’s a few of the songs that I’ve added to their playlist since For the Love of the Game:


22 thoughts on “Morgan & Seth’s Playlist

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  2. Can you add these to Seth & Morgan’s list
    All of Me – John Legend
    Heartbeat – Carrie Underwood.

    Okay I’m ready for May14th 👓🍷🎼 just waiting for 📖

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  3. More songs for Seth & Morgan List

    I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
    You – Jesse Powell
    Love You Like That Canaan Smith
    You Are My Rock – Beyoncé
    Beautiful In My Eyes – Joshua Kadison

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  4. Happy Friday!!!🎉🎉🎉
    More songs for Seth & Morgan playlist
    If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
    I Swear – All 4 One
    I Am Your Man – Seal
    I Melt -Rascal Flatts
    Your Man – Josh Turner
    Can’t Take My Eyes Of You- Lauryn Hill

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  5. Yeah! it me again! Lol! for Seth & Morgan’s playlist

    Everything You Do – Marc Anthony
    Loving You Easy – Zac Brown Band
    I Can’t Stop Loving You – Kem
    Drunk For Your Love – Brett Eldredge
    It’s You – Kem

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  6. Thanks for the Updates your truly one busy lady!!
    For my fav couple Seth & Morgan’s playlist

    Breathe – Faith Hill
    Good morning Beautiful – Brad Paisley
    Best of Me – Tyrese
    Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Gardens
    Only You Can Love Me This Way – Keith Urban
    Be With You – Beyoncé

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