Grandma Teri-Lyn’s Garden

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 Welcome to Grandma Teri-Lyn’s garden!  The Blake matriarch spends a lot of time tending to her gardens, whether they’re the flower variety or one of her brood!  These days she has her hands full with the grand-kids Jake, Connor, Colby, Curly, Jack, Mackenzie, Owen, Gabe, Tucker, Brady, Aiden, Drew, Evan, Lucas and Deacon and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Extended Family!

The Blake world has more children in both series!

Gabby (Nina & Patton’s daughter)

Chloe (Alex’s daughter)

Noah (Alex’s son)

Alexis (Derek & Charisma’s daughter)

Harper (Jared & Autumn’s son)

Bo (Bo Jr. & Summer’s son)

Isaiah (Joy’s son)


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Poetic Sentiments



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