Character Profile: Tyler Blake (The Blake Boys Series)

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Tyler Blake. Six foot two, gorgeous, looks just like your husband but with a hint of devil in him.”  – Michelle, The Blake Legacy

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Name:                           Tyler Jacob Blake

Occupation:               Professional Strip Poker Player                              

                                       Race Car Driver

Marital Status:        Single


Spouse:                        Michelle Bradley

Where I Live:             Twelve Horseshoes Ranch

                                       Blake County, Texas

                                       The Ashcroft

                                       Philadelphia, PA

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Fast cars. Fast women.  Life is good.

“There’s Tyler, he was born right after me. Tyler is a bit of a…free spirit. He thinks it’s his mission in life to sleep with every woman on the planet.  Momma calls him the one card that keeps her from having a royal flush.”             – Seth, MVP

I’ll admit it.  I’m an adrenaline junky.  The family isn’t thrilled about my latest hobby, racing cars, but there is a rush that I get when I’m behind the wheel that I can’t find anywhere else. 

People say Seth and I look just alike but I don’t see it.  But being mistaken for your famous pro-football playing brother isn’t such a bad thing.  I have plenty of fun with it but it sometimes gets Seth into trouble…

When I’m not hanging out with my brothers, I enjoy spending time with my nephew Jake.  He’s a great wing man.  He’s cute as a button and whenever Channing and I take him out, women can’t get enough of him.  Jake’s mom Morgan would kill me if she knew we use him as bait to get women.  But in my defense, it is a Blake tradition.

The love bug seems to be going around the ranch but I happily stay out of its reach.  The word commitment really isn’t in my vocabulary.   Who wants to be tied down to one woman? 

I made my first appearance in MVP with my Fire in the Hole Chili and got into a massive bar fight with my brothers in The Blake Legacy.  I’ll be popping up in Texas Heat to aggravate my brother Tate.

Update 2/5/16:  

A lot has happened since my story!  Michelle and I are happily married.  I race cars.  She’s a chef  with her own television show and part owner of Reed Bradley Books.  When we’re not balancing our busy schedules, we’re spending time on the ranch with my growing family.

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