Character Profile: J.J. Blake (The Blake Boys Series)

“J.J. has the most intense eyes I’ve ever seen and is too damn sexy for his own good. He’s perfected that quiet, brooding thing.” – Michelle, The Blake Legacy

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Name:                         John Jacob Blake Jr.

Occupation:             President, Blake Enterprises                             

Marital Status:     Working all that out…

Where I Live:            Twelve Horseshoes Ranch

                                      Blake County, Texas

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Sometimes you have to tear everything down and start over.


JJ used to play pro ball too but got injured his third year on the team. After he accepted football wasn’t in his future, we became partners in a land development company.” – Seth, MVP

For three years I lived my dream as a quarterback before a knee injury took me out of the game for good.  My wife Eden loved the limelight of being the star quarterback’s wife a little too much and my retirement put a strain on our marriage.  My family warned me about her but I didn’t listen.  

When I’m not running Blake Enterprises, I’m keeping track of my crazy brothers.  I have to admit, they’ve all been doing some growing up lately.  Seth is married with kids.  Tate settled down.  Channing is graduating law school.  Now if I could just get Tyler to give up his obsession with racing cars, that would put a smile on my Momma’s face.

It’s time for the next chapter in my life.  The boys keep telling me I need to have some fun and adventure in my life. Maybe they’re right.

I made brief appearances in MVP and The Blake Legacy.  The boys and I had a great time chewing the fat on Tate’s porch in Texas Heat.  I’ll be popping up in Love Notes and Football and my story begins in The Perfect Storm.

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Rhonda Laurel is a multi published contemporary romance author known most notably for the Blake Boys series.

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  1. I just finished Texas Heat. I wait a whilebefore I started reading it because I wanted to savior the Blake experience. Like the other books I was not disappointed. I am always excitedly waiting for the next book. Thank you for building such strong character that bond and flows to the next book. I have truly become a fan of your books.


    • Hi Star!

      Happy Friday! I am so glad you enjoy the series. I like to see a smooth transition to the next character/book, so I try to keep the timeline tight and keep everyone on the canvass.


  2. Hi Rhonda, I am so excited and anxious to read JJ’s story, I love me some Tyler though and cannot wait for his story as well… ahhh I love them all. I love your books keep them coming.

    PS I hope the books does not take long to be released.


  3. So I am playing around, when did JJ get a playlist? How did I miss this? And who is Sam? LOL!!!LOL!!!LOL!!! No fair! Come on!!!! Sam needs a profile as well!


  4. Michelle Hudson

    Hi Rhonda, I soooooooo. happy that JJ’s story is coming. I listened to the play for him and just melted. They are all of my favorite songs. Fabulous!!!


  5. Omgeee!! Rhonda I may die from the excitement lol..I cannot wait and perfect title!


  6. You’ve made my Friday also, can’t wait to read all about big brother J.J. Thanks!


  7. evie kinsella

    Rhonda you made my Friday xoox cant wait


  8. Well alrighty then.


  9. P Harrington

    JJ has that brooding sexy look going on. Can’t wait for his story.


  10. Cant wait to JJ’s story… Do your stuff girl…give us another good story x


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