10 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm Book Trailer

  1. Thanks I’m a happy reader right now, happy to hear that you still have my fav’s in mind don’t give them a girl too soon they both seem to have so much fun trying for her an I enjoy reading about it! give them a boy then a girl see I plotting for 2 books about my fav’s Seth & Morgan and you have only yourself to blame you made us fall in love them. lol


  2. Thanks for the sneak peek at The Perfect Storm trailer can’t wait, happy to see that we’ll be catching up with Tate & Isabelle in their book 2015 really looking forward to that! And of course can’t wait to see how Michelle lassos Tyler now that’s going to be something!! However I did notice something Ms. Laurel 😉 sneaky very sneaky a Ms. Cassidy? wow! I’ll say no more for now because you’ve given me so much to look forward too and I mustn’t be greedy. But one thing I must ask you won’t forget to write a follow up later next year about my two fav’s Seth & Morgan will you?

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    • Hi Gee! Cassidy was a sneak peek. Lol. I will be talking more about her soon. I’d like to see Seth’s last year in the NFL and his transition to ranch life. And possibly another baby for him and Morgan. Maybe that baby girl will finally make an appearance…


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