Character Profile: Michelle Bradley (The Blake Boys Series)



“Do you think I’m good girlfriend material?” Michelle

“Of course you are.  If I were a man I’d date you.” – Morgan

 – Love Notes and Football

Name:                          Michelle Bradley-Blake

Occupation:              Store Manager at Reed Books

                                      Co-owner of Reed Bradley Books

Marital Status:         Single  Married

Spouse:                       Tyler Blake

Where I Live:            The Ashcroft

                                       Philadelphia, PA


What can I say?  I love my job.  I get to spend my days hanging out with my best friend Morgan.  It seems like only yesterday that I walked into Reed Books looking to use the restroom and ended up getting a job.  I’m Morgan’s designated funny bone since my friend is so serious all the time.  It wasn’t until she met Seth that she learned how to lighten up and enjoy life.

Morgan’s great relationship with Seth has given me the inspiration to find my own ‘happily ever after’. I was hopeful that love was just around the corner but all I found was Tyler Blake.  Seth’s evil twin is charming, funny and sexy as hell but he’s also a commitment phobic jerk.  

Since the day we met, Tyler and I have been doing a slow, maddening dance.  I confronted him about his childish behavior on the eve of Morgan and Seth’s wedding and we spent the night…resolving some things but then he bolted after the festivities. 

When I returned home to Philadelphia, Finn, the guy I’d been seeing from time to time, tells me Tyler was there and told him to stay away from me! Who the hell does that race car driving cowboy think he is? 

Teri-Lyn says good cooking is the way to his heart.  Well, I’m going to cook a dish so good he’ll choke on it. Literally.  Morgan warned me about him but I was too busy checking out his ass to defer to common sense.  But there are times when I look into his mischievous eyes, I see a man who wants to love but he’s scared to give in to the feeling.

I’ve been helping Morgan run the bookstore since For the Love of the Game and I was recently promoted to store manager in Love Notes & Football.  Tyler won’t know what hit him when we have it out once and for all in Slow Burn

Update 2/5/16:

A lot has happened since Tyler and I finally hashed it out in Slow Burn.  We’re in a great place.  We’re married and balance our busy lives while living in Philadelphia and Texas.  

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  1. Alright then! I know I was going to like Michelle a lot after reading the other books. Now reading her character profile I’m going to love this girl 😉 let me go get my Go Michelle t-shirt printed for Slow Burn I really want to feel sorry for Tyler but I don’t ;). Will send a couple of songs for their playlist soon. Keep up the good work Ms. Laurel looking out for JJ’s book soon.


  2. Rhonda ……. Girl your killing me!!!
    I can’t wait for there story , I was listening to music the other day and heard the perfect song for these to !
    Eric Church ” Man who was gonna die young ” …… I know the title sounds morbid, but its really not the lyrics have Tyler & Michelle written all over it ! Please please please listen to it and tell me what you think ! Happy (fast) Writing!!
    Tamara C-L

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  3. Thank you Rhonda for posting Michelle’s profile! She’s one of my favorite characters. Sounds like she and Tyler will have quite the story….slow burn indeed!!

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