The Blake Legacy Excerpt II

The Bright Star Sign

New challenges.  New adventures.  Same love of a lifetime. 

Excerpt 2

Scene: Seth’s night out with his brothers at the Bright Star isn’t quite what he expected.

Seth couldn’t remember the last time they’d all been together.  Channing and Tyler were behaving more like he was taking them for ice cream than for beers at the Bright Star.  Tate’s return was a bit of a surprise, but then again that was how Tate was.  He would never say why, even if he had a day off in between tour dates, he would just come back to the ranch for a good night’s sleep then take off again.

Morgan’s observation about their union having a ripple effect on the boys made a lot of sense.  Had he not gone on that vacation last year after his Super Bowl win, he would have rounded up Channing, Tyler and Tate and gone partying for a month.  When he returned to Philadelphia and pursued Morgan, he didn’t let anyone or anything distract him from his mission: to convince his wife to live happily ever after with him.

The Bright Star hadn’t changed much since he was there last year after the Cinnamon Festival.  Hell, it hadn’t changed in the last ten years.  The gruff décor and mechanical bull in the corner had long been a staple in his life.  He’d spent his youth there and had a few good fights there too.

Channing and Tyler were catching up with friends, so Seth went to the bar to get some food and another round of beers.  Tate was talking to the owner Cal about an up and coming group, The Dirty Rascals.  They were playing tonight and Tate agreed to talk to the band afterward about the music business as a favor to Cal.

Seth waved at an old friend, while the bartender Danny went in the back to place his nachos order.  He pulled out his cell phone and looked at Morgan’s picture, intending to call and see how she was doing.  She didn’t want to horn in on Teri-Lyn’s time with Jake, so she opted to read a book and have a bite to eat.  Seth was poised to hit the call button when a loud and familiar voice carried across the Bright Star on his boisterous entrance.

“Well, if it aint the son of a bitch that broke my sister’s heart.”

The bar came to a standstill as Cain Winterbourne, Penny’s brother, made his way across the room.  So, Cain was back in town.  He’d heard he’d retired from the military and was moving back home.  From the time he picked up Penny for their first date, to their breakup a couple of years ago, Cain had the same scowl on his face whenever he saw Seth.  He always had a big, imposing stature and thought he could take on the world.  Behind the surly loud mouth were three guys that Seth recognized as Penny’s cousins.  Well, at least it was an even number.   By the looks of it, it was going to be a long night.

Seth put his phone back in his pocket and asked Danny to hold on to those beers.  Tate ended his conversation with Cal and strolled over to the bar.

“I just bought this hat,” Tate removed his Stetson and flung it past Danny.  It landed on a bottle of vodka behind the bar.

Seth raised an eyebrow.  “See, I knew you should have gone pro.”

Tate laughed.  “Brother, we can talk about missed career opportunities later.”

“Where’s Horny and Randy?”  Seth murmured.

“Right here.”  Tyler and Channing were standing behind them.

Tyler inhaled deeply.  “This brings back memories.”

“The last time Cal banned us from here for two years.”  Seth rubbed the back of his neck.

“It was more like six months.”  Channing quipped.

Cain walked up to Seth and got in his face.  “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time Blake.  It’s about time someone took your pretty ass down a notch.”

“Good to see you too, Cain.  Did you miss me?” Seth quipped.

“Sounds like you’ve been pining after the man.”  Tate laughed.  “Cain, that break up was their business, why don’t you be a good big brother and leave it alone?”

Cain grunted.  “McGill, I always thought you talked too much.”

“I did always have the gift for gab.  The only time I didn’t do much talking was when I was dating Chrissie.”  Tate winked at him.

Seth sighed while the rest of the bar patrons got a good chuckle from Tate’s remark.  Tate went straight for Cain’s sore spot, his wife Chrissie.  Tate dated Chrissie briefly in high school, which drove Cain nuts.  Any chance of coming to a diplomatic solution just went down the toilet.

“I told you a long time ago if you ever broke my sister’s heart, I was going to beat you senseless.”  Cain snarled.

Seth’s jaw clenched.  “In all fairness Cain, you told me that when I was fifteen.  And like Tate said, our relationship was none of your business.”

“You didn’t deserve her anyway.  Instead of marrying Penny like you should have, you shacked up with some—”

Seth’s punch packed a wallop, sending Cain to the floor.  He didn’t know what was at the end of his sentence, but he was going to make sure he wouldn’t say it again.  It was on. Cain got up quickly and rushed him into a supporting beam.  Seth was able to push him off and catch him in the jaw.  Stools were flying, beer bottles breaking and Cal was yelling for everyone to calm down.  A bar fight with Cain was small peanuts compared to what Morgan was going to do to him when he got home.

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Complete Love – “I absolutely love this series.  I couldn’t wait for the third installment and it didn’t disappoint.  The relationship between Seth and Morgan is what we all aspire to have… Always putting each other first.” – Amazon Reader Review

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  1. woooo Seth…. you in trouble….Morgan gonna kill you if you mess up that beautiful face of yours and those strong hands lol…but then she’ll understand once you explain that you were defending her honor… I would… I love a man like that


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