The Tomcats


Meet the Tomcats!

There are plenty of adventures to be had at the Blake family’s latest acquisition, the Tomcats Stadium!  Now part owners of the Texas Tomcats along with the Holbrook family, the Blakes are determined to put the Tomcats back on the map.

First up will be quarterback Riley Sloane in Hard Target.  He and Parker Carson have been butting heads since they met in Worth the Wait.  Now it’s their turn to come to terms with the attraction they’ve both been feeling for a long time.

Logan Holbrook is getting his bearings as a team owner while trying to forge a relationship with dad T.K. and brother Austin.  Love is the last thing on his mind but that doesn’t matter when it hits him smack in the face.

Austin Holbrook blows into town every now and again but he doesn’t stay long.  He’ll soon find someone worth planting roots and will help him come to terms with his feelings about his dad.