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Welcome to The Jake Chronicles!

The Jake Chronicles is a short, periodic snippet of the adventures of toddler Jake Blake. We get to see the Blake world from Jake’s perspective as he spends time with his parents, siblings, cousins and crazy uncles!


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12 thoughts on “The Jake Chronicles

  1. Seasons Greetings Rhonda. When are we going to get more of Jake Chronicles & McKenzie Capers. I am so eager to get up dates on the entire family. Just looking for my fix as 32 days is long !!!


  2. I need a fix of my favorite books- so I am re-reading all I am now on Book 11. Why is May 23rd so far !!!!! It is taking it own time getting here. Thanks for the beautiful read

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    • You are most welcome Karla! The good thing about an interconnected series is that readers have an array of stories to re-read before the next one! I am enjoying cobbling Trina and Marco’s story. I will try to post an excerpt soon.


  3. OMGOODNESS, I am HOWLING with laughter after reading The Jake Chronicles! I knew he would be a hand full but now he has two baby brother whom I’ve dubbed P. I .C.’S……Partners In Crime. Please give us hungry readers more Jake Chronicles. Oh, and can you sprinkle some more Colby, Connor in to the mix with a dash of Matt, and Jack?

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