Cowboy’s Heart Excerpt



Reconciling the past. New love in bloom. A cowboy’s heart on the line.

Tate & Isabelle’s love story continues as Tate’s world tour winds down in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The engaged couple will be weathering storms together as Tate meets his future in-laws for the first time!  Col. Lucas Reed has a lot to say about the guitar wielding Lothario that captured his daughter’s heart.  As the Blakes and Reeds converge on Las Vegas for Tate’s final tour show, it just may turn into the brawl of the century in the name of love.

See how their love story began in Texas Heat.

Release date March 6th!


When Tate dropped by Channing’s suite to see what the guys were up to, he found Channing, Bo and Jared all dressed up and ready to hit the town. The evening they’d planned included gambling and club hopping, the men were determined to ditch their nerdy personas and cut loose for a change. Tyler was coaching them on how to pick up women and after a twenty-minute speech riddled with racing lingo and making a lot of squiggly lines on a dry erase board, he called a time out.

“Would football analogies work better? Do I need to get Seth in here to explain this?” Tyler said.

“No!” Bo yelled. “We’ll never get out of this suite if he starts talking football.”

“It would be simpler if you just came with us.” Channing huffed.

Tyler shook his head. “I’m not getting involved in any shenanigans that will prevent more romantic evenings with Michelle.”

“Good boy.” Tate smiled at his brother’s decision to err on the side of caution. He was taking his relationship with Michelle very seriously and it made him think before he did something crazy these days.

Tyler paced back and forth. “Now you remember what I told you. This is supposed to be a fun, no strings weekend. Don’t go telling every woman you meet your life story. And if she asks where you’re staying, just say ‘down the Strip’ unless you want her staking out the hotel lobby for the rest of the week looking for you. In the event you get lucky, keep it covered at all times.”

“Keep what covered?” Bo gave him a quizzical look.

“They’re not ready. I think they need more coaching. Tate, help me out.” Tyler ran a hand over his face.

Tate laughed to himself. He was looking at three of the smartest men he knew but they were all clueless when it came to women. They could design buildings, run a billionaire dollar corporation and argue the law but they would be catnip to savvy women looking to bag them a rich prince. Channing and Bo never became quite the hounds like the rest of the Blake men and Jared had been flying below the radar since his divorce.

“Boys, don’t make a mistake that you wouldn’t want to follow you home.” Tate quoted the exact words from John Jacob’s birds and bees talk.

“Huh?” Channing scratched his temple.

“I think Tyler and Tate are trying to say that we shouldn’t spend all our lunch money on the first pretty face that sweet talks us, causing us to use poor judgment.” Jared chuckled.

“Right! Jared, you’re in charge of the wallets.” Tyler said.

“Jared should be the quarterback tonight.”   Tate said.

“Why does Jared get to be the quarterback?” Channing raised an eyebrow.

“Because he’s the only one here who understands what’s going on.” Tate quipped.

“I think it’s safe to say we’re not looking for love tonight? Just a pleasant evening gambling and playing the field.” Jared looked at Bo and Channing, who nodded in agreement.

Sam’s radar must have been up because her partner Kendrick knocked the entered the room dressed like the guys. “Gentlemen, I will be your primary security specialist tonight. Let’s go have some fun.”

“Is a security detail really necessary?” Channing asked.

“Sam said it’s either me or her. J.J. wasn’t happy about the prospect of her escorting you around tonight.” Kendrick laughed.

Tate and Tyler wished them well as they filed out of the room.

“Is this wise?” Tate looked at Tyler.

“Are you kidding me? How much trouble can three nerds get into?” Tyler shrugged.


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