Character Profile: Meet Duke Blake (All or Nothing Series)

He made his debut in Family Matters and is the latest addition to the Blake family. When he’s not trying to keep up with Rowdy and Bingo, he’s busy playing with the kids on the ranch! You’re bound to see more of him as the series continues.

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Character Profile: Megan Shaw (All or Nothing Series)


      Megan, a buyer for a department store, was looking for Mr. Right Now.  She wasn’t all that interested in finding a husband so much as having fun.

    – Leap of Faith

Name:                             Megan Shaw

Occupation:               Department Store Buyer

Marital Status:          Single                                        Continue reading

Character Profile: Logan Holbrook (All or Nothing Series)


      Women loved the roguish team owner with the complicated relationship with his filthy rich, old-money Texas daddy. 

    – Hard Target

Name:                             Logan Holbrook

Occupation:               Team Owner

Marital Status:          Single                                        Continue reading