Character Profile: The Waverly Sisters (The Blake Boys Series)

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    “It’s not good to date neighbors. Especially one that lives directly across the hall. If it doesn’t go well, you’ll spend all your time avoiding him.”

       “Or if it does, it’s really convenient.” Autumn laughed.

 – Summer and Autumn. – Executive Desires

Name:                            Summer & Autumn Waverly

Occupation:                 President & CEO

                                         NuWave Gaming

Marital Status:              Single



People thought we were crazy when we started NuWave Gaming, as if women couldn’t cut it in this business. But I had two things every entrepreneur should have: passion for my creations and the most supportive sister in the world.

While I toil away in the virtual world, my twin sister Autumn is the face of the company. She’s outgoing, persuasive and a marketing genius. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her. Despite the fact that we’re identical twins, we’re as different as night and day. She can be a little wild and crazy but I reel her back in when she needs it.

Business is booming and we’ve even moved into an ultra-exclusive building. The people seem nice and friendly, especially our neighbor across the hall. I knew Bo Jamison was trouble the day we met. So what if he’s handsome, smart, and successful. Men like that always have a trail of broken hearts behind them but that doesn’t stop Autumn from flirting with him.

But some good did come out of it. He’s the inspiration for a new game I’m developing…


Waverly Sisters - Autumn Banner


My sister and I are having a great year. We’re launching a new version of our gaming console that’s bound to be a hit and our new condo is fabulous. It’s spacious, has a great view of the city and best feature of all is Bo, the sexy neighbor across the hall. He’s gorgeous, kind, sweet, a great cook and has a ripped body for someone who sits behind a desk all day.

We have a lot to be happy about, I just wish Summer would stop and smell the roses sometimes. My job is to get her to lighten up. She’s only happy when she’s playing those damn games she created but there’s more to life than living in fantasy land.

We’ve been spending a lot of time with Bo and I must admit it’s been interesting. Summer wants mental stimulation while my interest in him requires more of a hands on approach. This real live corporate cowboy may be what we both need in our lives…

We’ll be pretty busy driving Bo crazy in Executive Desires.

See you soon,

Summer & Autumn



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