Character Profile: Cassidy Shaw (The Blake Boys Series)

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            “Channing.”  She gripped her champagne glass.  Damn he looked good.

            “Cassidy, I’m glad you weren’t a caffeine fueled figment of my imagination today.” He grinned.

            “Here I am, in the flesh. You can pinch me if you want.” She laughed.

            Channing reached out and did just that. “I just wanted to be sure.”

     – Cassidy and Channing – Tempting Fate

Name:                           Cassidy Shaw

Occupation:               Attorney

Marital Status:           Single

Where I Live:             Washington, D.C.


Life has passed by in a whirl since graduating law school.  I work grueling hours and to be honest, I love the distraction.  It keeps my mind off other things I’d like to forget.   I want to stay focused on my career.  Nothing else is more important.                     

I’m getting together with friends soon and that means I may run into Channing Blake.  When we met in law school, I thought he was an arrogant, know it all.  We argued constantly but there was always something simmering beneath those barbs we traded.  He would have been unbearable if he wasn’t so damn charming and didn’t have the greatest smile and dimples known to man.  I always thought he was a bit too rugged and sexy to be a lawyer.  It’s no surprise though, good looks seem to run in his family.  Still, there’s something refreshing about him that makes you feel at ease.

We lost contact after law school but I hear from mutual friends that he’s happy working for his family’s company in Texas.  He still has his brownstone in Georgetown and visits often. I heard he’s been seeing an old flame named Emma but there’s a long story attached to their relationship. 

I make my debut in Tempting Fate. It looks like my attempts to avoid him have been in vain.  Channing and I have a lot of…catching up to do.

 See you soon,


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  1. Hi Rhonda,
    I don’t remember seeing a character profile on Morgan & Seth. Can you post a profile of my FAVORITE COUPLE & of Jake & the twins? I would love to see a profile of the family.

    Can’t wait to read about Cassie & Channing, will she be a spitfire like my girls Morgan & Nina? Oohh, can’t wait! 😉

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  2. Mmm I think I like this Cassidy! Happy the baby of the Blake family finds love like is brothers. Now I can’t wait for Tempting Fate to find out more about this smart & beautiful woman who looks like she’s not going to make it too easy for our Channing!! Can we say fireworks!! Wow!! with a determined Blake Mmmm fun times ahead lol

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