Character Profile: Corbett Connelly (The Blake Boys Series)



          Bo and Corbett were making strides toward civility. Bo Sr. said they’d had a long talk on the porch last night and seemed to be on their way to mending fences.

    – Meet the Blakes

Name:                          Corbett Connelly

Occupation:      Financial Operations Manager

 Engaged to:                  Courtney Smyth  

Where I Live:              Albuquerque, NM


   There’s never a dull moment when you have a mother like mine.  Evangeline Connelly, known to everyone in her former life as Bonnie, is a force of nature who says what’s on her mind.  And lately she’s been voicing her strong opinion about my fiancée Courtney.

      Courtney’s pretty, smart, brutally honest and knows what she wants when she sets her sights on something.  I guess that can be off-putting to some.  Mom and Wyatt haven’t warmed up to her yet.  They say she has me wrapped around her finger.     

      Life was just fine until my brother Bo came back into the picture.  My mother’s ‘perfect’ son comes for a visit after many years of being away and suddenly wants to be part of the family again.  We were doing just fine without him.  Mom is on a mission to make a blended family now that she’s seeing Bo’s father again.  She is happier than I’ve seen her in a long time.  My dad used to joke that Bo Sr. was the one that got away.  I’m beginning to think he’s right. 

       Bo and I are talking.  I guess he’s not so bad.  Wyatt asked me to give the relationship a chance.  And I’ll do anything for my little brother.

        You met me in Executive Desires when Bo came to New Mexico for a visit. I popped up in Meet the Blakes when I got acquainted with Bo’s other family, the Blakes.  Wyatt is going to need all the help he can get in his upcoming story Worth the Wait, so I’ll be around.  Change will come rumbling through my life in Begin Again.

Update: A lot of things have happened since I broke off my engagement to Courtney.  But you’ll find out all about my latest adventures in Begin Again.

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