Character Profile: Avery Reed (The Blake Boys Series)

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             “Looks like Avery inherited the Reed hips.” Isabelle removed her hat.

            “Yeah.  A boy tried to talk to her in the gift shop and Jared, Seth and Channing were drawing straws over who was going break his legs.” Morgan shook her head.

     – Isabelle and Morgan – Cowboy’s Heart


Name:                     Avery Elizabeth Reed

Parents:                       Robert & Alicia

Where I Attend

College:                            Texas

I thought this family vacation to Las Vegas was going to be fun but it’s been nothing but torture since I got off the plane.  My dad is being a tyrant!  He won’t let me go anywhere by myself. My uncles used to be cool, but now they all act like overprotective maniacs, just like him.  Jake and the boys have more freedom than I do.

I’m going to be a junior in high school!  I’m thinking about trying out for the track team.  Uncle J.J. said he would help me train when I visit the ranch for the summer.  I can’t wait to go horseback riding and spending time with the Blakes. 

I made my debut in The Blake Legacy when Uncle Seth gave my friends a ride home from the book club meeting. Isn’t he the greatest?  He’s super nice and he always takes the time to ask me about school.  Aunt Morgan hit the jackpot when she married him.  

You’ll be seeing me in the middle of the action in Cowboy’s Heart.  I am so excited about Uncle Tate’s concert.  In a few years I’ll be off to college, perhaps by that time my  dad and uncles will have accepted that I’m not a little girl anymore.  I asked cousin Isabelle what she thought and she laughed and said good luck with that.

Update May 2016: So much has happened since I started college!  I spend my time studying at school and riding my horse Comet on the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch.  I’ve narrowed down my major but I don’t want to tell the family yet.  There’s so much going on these days.  The best part about attending college in Texas is Wyatt,  but I’ll never tell him.  He’s handsome and fun but he’s also a big flirt who’s a major pain in the neck.  Life gets interesting for us in Worth the Wait.

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  1. She will definitely go through it but she can give the family a taste of what will happen when Morgan gets her girl. This series cannot end without Seth and Morgan having a daughter of their own. Avery is their surrogate daughter.

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  2. Too cute! Sounds like she definitely has a tough road ahead with all those protective uncles watching out for her. Doesn’t sound like she’ll be dating anytime soon though…lol. I wish her luck!

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  3. It’s funny you included Channing in on the leg breaking since he appears to be one of the milder Blakes. I think Avery is in for a really rocky road, given that she is the first female that those Blake men have been around at the teen years and they all know how “awful” boys can be. I don’t think she is gonna have any freedom ever and gosh. . .when Tate and Tyler get into the picture, I think life will just get hilarious.

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  4. Avery is a beautiful young woman. Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she cause her overprotective male family members. This is going to be so much fun!!! Keep it coming Rhonda.

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