The Reed Men

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Meet the Reed Men!

The Reed men have been around since the beginning of the Blake Boys series.  As Morgan’s protectors they vetted Seth in For the Love of the Game and have remained a staple in the landscape.  Dad Curtis is the leader.  Sons Robert, Jared and Charles are always there in case their sister Morgan needs them.  Cousin Trevor came back to town in Slap Shot and he’ll be showing up more often.

In Stranded in Paradise, Jared finally took a vacation from his busy life when he ex popped into town with an indecent proposal.  He fled to Executive Desires resort where fate introduced him to Autumn Waverly.

Trevor Reed came back to town just when his sister Charisma needed him most.  He’s made it his mission to keep in contact with the family when he’s not off on some mysterious assignment as a “photojournalist”.  Trevor’s story is coming in 2017 in the Blake Boys companion series, All or Nothing.