Character Profile: Trevor Reed (All or Nothing Series) – Updated


“Mom, the time I’ve spent working with Jared made me realize how much I miss Trevor.  Train your laser focus on mending your relationship with your son.” 

          – Charisma, Slap Shot

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Name:                          Trevor Reed

Occupation:            “Photojournalist”               

Marital Status:        Single                

Where I Live:             Out of my suitcase

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          Being a photojournalist takes me around the world and that’s fine by me.  I like the thrill of traveling to foreign places and experiencing different cultures.  My grandma says I have a restless spirit.  I think she’s right. 

          My mother has never been happy with my career choice.  But hey, we don’t always get what we want.  I love my mother but she has a tendency to micromanage her children to the point of madness. Charisma and I have been battling my mother’s brand of motherly love since we were kids. 

 Updated October 2017: A lot has happened since I made my debut in Slap Shot and arrived in the nick of time for Charisma and Derek’s wedding in Playing for Keeps. I’m pleased that my sister is finally happy. She just needed the right person to bring out the best in her. 

Seeing the change in her has given me a lot to think about. When I set out on my lone path pretending to be a photojournalist I thought it was what was best for everyone I love. But as my worlds start to collide, it’s hard to keep things secret. Lately something’s been gnawing at me to go home. I can catch up on the family gossip. My niece Alexis is growing like a weed. My sister says our parents have changed. I’ll believe that when I see it.

Going home means I’ll be seeing my high school sweetheart Theresa again. I never stopped loving her and not a day goes by that I don’t ponder the road not taken. “Reese”, as I affectionately call her, and I have some things to settle that have been a long time coming. Like why I was such a fool to let her get away.

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