Character Profile: John Jacob Blake (The Blake Boys Series)

“John Jacob Blake speaking. You’ve got ten seconds to speak fast or not at all,” his father said into the phone.

Seth laughed. “Hey, Daddy.”

     – John Jacob and Seth – The Blake Legacy

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 Name:                   John Jacob Blake

Occupation:          Rancher/Business Owner

Marital Status:      Hitched

Spouse:                  Teri-Lyn

Where I Live:         Blake County, Texas

Seems like only yesterday my sweetheart Teri-Lyn was firing warning shots at me from her daddy’s porch.  That woman is as stubborn as the day is long but it’s that fire in her that makes me love her even more.  It took some time to convince her that we were meant to be but she eventually came to her senses.  Still, it was fun chasing her while she made her up her mind. 

We raised a family together while I built my empire.  She kept me grounded and made me focus on the important things in life: our boys.  J.J., Seth, Tate, Tyler and Channing have grown up to be fine, upstanding men.  They were always a rowdy bunch, chasing women and having a good time.  These days they are getting their love lives together and settling down.  

I made my debut in MVP when Seth brought Morgan home to meet the family.  Things have changed so much since then.  I have beautiful, kind, loving daughter-in-laws, four adorable grand-babies and J.J. and Sam have a little one on the way. Jake, Connor, Colby and Curly are a handful.  They remind me of the boys when they were younger.  If there was trouble to find,  they were never too far from it.  Teri-Lyn says they get that from me.  

I spend my days on the ranch with Teri-Lyn while my oldest J.J. runs the company.  You’ll hear all about our love story in Meet the Blakes.

See you soon,

John Jacob



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  1. Rhonda,

    We got to know John Jacob Blake before you showed his profile, now that we have a visual I can definitely see this man as him. Good job at picking him for the father of the Blake men. Are we going to get another excerpt for Tempting Fate before the release date.

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  2. Wow!! I have to agree. I now see why Nina mention that he “was the most handsome she ever seen in her life” Can’t wait to read about his & Terri-Lyn’s story! Wow!!

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  3. Rhonda,

    John Jacob is seriously hot. There’s no wondering why the Blake Boys are a hot commodity. The cover models for these books are on point. I can’t wait for the parents story and another Jake Chronicles.

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