Character Profile: Sydney Reed (The Blake Boys Series)


           “Sydney.” Morgan stopped at the kitchen threshold. “I just wanted you to know—I thought I’d never feel like I had a mother again, but I have been blessed with two wonderful women who are great moms to me. Thank you for giving me the time I needed to have this great relationship with you. I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me that you didn’t give up on me.”

            “Love waits for everyone.” Sydney smiled.

                                     – Morgan and Sydney – Love Notes & Football

Name:                       Sydney Reed

Occupation:             Retired/Full Time Grandma

Marital Status:         Married

Spouse:                       Curtis Reed


When I married Curtis, I had no idea how much my life would change. From the moment I met the Reed family, they welcomed me with open arms. Well, everyone except Morgan. It took her some time to warm up to me. Curtis said to give his stubborn daughter some space and she’d come around. Getting married and having kids softened her up a bit.  She trusted me to take care of Jake and we have the greatest relationship now. 

I am a proud grandma. Jake is growing up so fast! What a ruckus the Reeds and Blakes caused when they assembled for his first day of school. Connor and Colby were so upset that their big brother was going somewhere without them, Seth and Morgan eventually had to enroll them too. I pick them up in the afternoon and get in some quality grandma time before their parents come home. When I’m not spending time with my adorable troublemakers, I’m helping my grand-daughter Avery sift through her college prospects. Poor thing is being pressured to attend a school in Pennsylvania or Texas, as if the rest of the country doesn’t exist.

Life is pretty good. Curtis’s health has improved tremendously. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d lost him. But he follows doctor’s orders after his heart scare. He doesn’t have to do repairs or landscape since we moved into the new house, so now we travel more and find hobbies we can enjoy together.   

I made my debut in For the Love of the Game when Morgan brought Seth home to meet the family.  Thank goodness that turned out well.  You’ll be seeing me in the upcoming The Final Play, when Seth retires from football. 

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  1. Thanks for giving us a profile on Sydney. Can’t wait to hear more about Jake’s first day of school sounds like it was some event with the twins lol

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  2. Rhonda,

    I like Sydney profile, it was great. I’m glad you made her have patience with her step daughter, I can definitely relate to her.

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  3. I love to see the character profiles. Makes the books that much more interesting. plz create a profile of Morgan, Seth & the boys. I don’t recall seeing a profile of Seth & Morgan. Love these profiles!! Can’t wait for Off Season.


  4. I can’t wait for Off Season! Sydney is the best and extremely patient, God Bless her for dealing with Morgan for so long. I believe it’s time for her to have another grandbaby to spoil!

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  5. That was a sweet note about Sydney. She has been through a lot also with the Reeds. She turned out to be a good role model for Morgan. Can’t wait for Off Season. Thanks Rhonda.

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