Throwback Couple Spotlight: Derek & Charisma

Derek and Charisma. A superstar hockey player with a tabloid love life and a head strong Reed woman with a penchant for finding trouble at every turn. Derek knew from the moment they met that Charisma was different from his usual exploits. There was more to her than her publicized, tumultuous romances and the rumor mill that loved to gossip about her. This powerful couple hit the ground running the day they met and it’s been amazing to see where life has taken them.

It was clear Charisma hit a nerve with readers (you either loved her or hated her). Just when you thought you had her pegged, she’d surprise you. Through it all she’s remained tough, spunky and stylishly dressed while she took a few tumbles with bad boys who were no good for her. With help from Grandma Reed, she found her footing again and that led her to the love of her life, Derek.

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Character Profile: Sydney Reed (The Blake Boys Series)


           “Sydney.” Morgan stopped at the kitchen threshold. “I just wanted you to know—I thought I’d never feel like I had a mother again, but I have been blessed with two wonderful women who are great moms to me. Thank you for giving me the time I needed to have this great relationship with you. I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me that you didn’t give up on me.”

            “Love waits for everyone.” Sydney smiled.

                                     – Morgan and Sydney – Love Notes & Football

Name:                       Sydney Reed

Occupation:             Retired/Full Time Grandma

Marital Status:         Married

Spouse:                       Curtis Reed

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