Character Profile: Theresa Rodriguez (All or Nothing Series)


Charisma watched as Theresa high-tailed it out of the beauty parlor. She knew Theresa and her brother had been close in high school, but Trevor never elaborated on it. Maybe Charisma could pull more information out of her when they had that coffee. 

          – Charisma, Playing for Keeps

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Name:                          Theresa Rodriguez

Occupation:            Travel Agent               

Marital Status:        Single                


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          I love being a travel agent. There’s something rewarding about sending someone on the vacation of their dreams. The excitement and anticipation of exploring a new destination can become contagious. And I like to make my clients happy.

        My life changed dramatically when Morgan detailed in a magazine interview that I booked her trip that led to her meeting Seth on that island. It was an awesome shout out but it created a new dilemma for me. Despite telling people I had nothing to do with it, they still flock to me for some magical vacation that will lead them to true love. I can promise sunny skies, swaying palm trees and sandy beaches but meeting a hot guy and having a romance of a lifetime is still up to the universe.

       Trust me, if I had magical powers I’d use them on my love life. I don’t seem to have the greatest luck with men. But then again there hasn’t been anyone in my life quite like Trevor Reed. He’s handsome, smart, charming and a total jerk. I’ve done my best over the years to get him out of my system. Unfortunately old feelings flare up every time he comes back to town. 

        I first made my debut in For the Love of the Game when Morgan booked her fateful trip to the island where she met Seth. Since then I’ve been the Reed family travel agent over the years. My life will be taking an unexpected turn in Covert Affairs. Next time Trevor pops up I’ll be immune to his charms. I hope. 

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