Hollywood Heat Series

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Vendetta Inc.

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Double Exposure

Book 3

A movie star. A studio mogul. The ultimate Hollywood power couple.

Hollywood is never boring, especially for the Cavanaughs. Kate is now at the head of both a movie studio and a record label, but recently it seems as though everyone is looking to either bring her down or buy her out. When she has the chance to uncover the secret behind-the-scenes world of the Hollywood power players, she jumps at the chance, hoping to gain information about recent attacks against her and Chris.

Meanwhile, Chris is looking to scale back his acting roles in order to spend more time with Kate…until he’s drawn into a dangerous gambit to save an old friend. Along with Scar, his fearless bodyguard, Chris must face off against the criminals who are holding his friend for ransom. But now that he’s lived the real thing, will playing an action hero on screen ever be satisfying again?

Double Exposure Excerpt I

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Hollywood Rush

Book 2

High stakes. High Passion. Winner takes all.

Atlantis Records mogul Kate Garrison is elated to have married her soul mate, actor Chris Cavanaugh, a crazy counterpart to her uptight nature. After a scandalous meeting that set the paparazzi on fire, and a whirlwind courtship and wedding, she and Chris return to their Hollywood life of movie sets and power struggles. She’s busy with the new business ventures she inherited, which include another record label and part ownership of Pinnacle Studios.  As she struggles to adjust to her new elite position in Hollywood, not everyone is happy with her new-found power. And in Hollywood, power is something everyone wants a piece of.

Chris Cavanaugh’s luck keeps getting better and better. He married the woman of his dreams and his talent is finally getting recognized. The movie roles and award nominations are pouring in. Now if he could only convince himself that he deserves all the attention. But rumor has it that Kate’s pulling strings behind the scenes to launch her husband to stardom, now that she owns a majority stake in the movie studio. And rumors like that could threaten everything they have…

Hollywood Rush Excerpt 1

Hollywood Rush Excerpt II

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Star Crossed

Book 1

When Hollywood’s sexiest secret explodes, stars are born.

Music mogul Kate Garrison’s husband is a leading Hollywood director. He also happens to be a cheat. When he’s caught having an affair with an actress, Kate becomes the talk of the town—and not in a good way. So when she stumbles into Hollywood’s new golden boy, Chris Cavanaugh—in the men’s room, of all places—the gossip mill starts working overtime. Especially since Chris is starring in her husband’s next film.

Chris Cavanaugh couldn’t imagine a woman would have such an effect on his life. But amid the gossip and Hollywood politics, his only option is to ride out the media storm and play house. He never expects to actually fall for her, but when illusion begins to look more and more like reality, Chris has his hands full keeping his career intact and his eye on the target of making the Hollywood A-list. So why does spending time with Kate suddenly seem more important?

Star Crossed Excerpt 1

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  3. Still missing Kate, Chris, and Kate’s mysterious relatives. Really hope that the long-awaited next book in the series will be arriving soon. On another author’s site I saw a copy of a card that had a picture of a woman in a deep swoon that was captioned: “Bookgasm: that feeling you get when a long awaited book is released.” Looking forward to a major bookgasm for the next release in the Hollywood Heat series.

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  4. Here are a few songs to add to Derek’s playlist:

    Scare of lonely – Beyoncé
    Someone Else – Miley Cyrus
    What is Love – V feat Bozeman
    Thinking out Loud – Ed Sheeran
    Photograph – Ed Sheeran

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