The Holbrooks

The Holbrooks first appeared on the scene in The Blake Legacy, when patriarch T.K. tried to lure Seth back to Texas to play for his team, the Tomcats.  The tycoon and friend of the Blake family has appeared in a few books in a minor role since that time and now we’re ready to meet the rest of his family.


Logan makes no bones about how he feels about his father.  But he still opts to work for T.K. at the Tomcats Stadium. So perhaps there’s some room to mend fences with his driven old man. He’s finding his footing in his new position and is excited about the changes Seth has been making to the franchise.  And he’s no slouch with the ladies. Women like to be around Logan for good reason.  He’s handsome, charming and they can’t help but feel good when they’re around him.  He’s been shy about finding love but he’s determined to carve a place for himself in his father’s empire.


While Logan doesn’t mind a good fight, Austin has taken a different tack with his relationship troubles with his father.  Austin is a bit of mystery as he pops into town whenever he pleases. His brooding demeanor and good looks only compounds that enigmatic air about him. He says he comes to Texas to visit his brother but one can’t help but wonder if he’s considering a new relationship with T.K. He did come back for the holiday celebration in Begin Again. We’ll get to see what he’s up to in the upcoming year when he isn’t hanging out with his brother Logan and the Blake family.


T.K. will be the first to admit the many mistakes he’s made in his life, namely his multiple marriages.  But his biggest regret is his tense relationships with his sons. Being friends with John Jacob has taught him the value of family and he longs to have the same connection with sons as the Blake patriarch does with his brood. He’s made some progress with Logan since Off Season when he finally inked a deal to get Seth involved with the Tomcats. Austin is proving to be more elusive, but he’s confident it’s only a matter of time before his roaming son softens to a truce so they can unite their family. It’s a slow process but he’s hopeful he’ll get a chance to have a good relationship with his sons.

The Holbrooks are the latest family to grow and take shape in the Blake world along with the Reeds, Jamisons, Conellys, Carsons, Shaws, Popovichs, and Winterbournes.  

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