The Blake Boys Hang Outs

The Blake Hotel

The Blake Hotel is the latest venture in the Blake family. Tyler Blake is making is mark with a chain of upscale hotels bearing the Blake name.

Hangin’ out in Texas…

The Bright Star Saloon Sign

The Bright Star Saloon, a low key establishment that’s been around for over 50 years,  is a home away from home for the Blake Boys.  On a good night you can catch an impromptu performance by none other than the country crooner, Tate McGill himself or you may narrowly miss getting a chair thrown at you.  The occasional fight has been known the break out and don’t be surprised if you see a few famous, quarterbacks, country western singers or race car drivers joining the fray.

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Hangin’ out in Philadelphia…

The Slap Shot Bar & Grill is hockey player Derek Popovich’s upscale eatery and is one of the premier restaurants in town.  The goalie for the Philadelphia Pirates spends a lot of his off time there.  You can always catch a lot of his professional athlete buddies like Seth Blake and his Titans teammates getting a bite to eat.

 Reed Bradley Books Banner

This quaint bookstore is owned and operated by best friends Morgan Reed-Blake and Michelle Bradley and boasts a cafe and meeting area for book clubs.  Many patrons drop by to see if they can get a glimpse of Seth or Tyler but it is a nice bookstore with a great selection.  It is the hang out of the Reed family and the Blakes when they’re in town.

 Blake Enterprises Banner

When John Jacob decided it was time to retire, he turned over the family company to his eldest J.J. and made Bo Jr. the CFO.  Since that time Channing has come aboard to work at Blake Enterprises and Tate, Seth and Tyler pop in every now and again.

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Jared Reed Designs

Jared Reed puts a lot of time and effort into his work and Reed Designs is where you’ll find him when he’s not with girlfriend Autumn.  He recently hired his cousin Charisma as his office manager and splits his time between his offices in Philadelphia, PA and Dallas, TX.

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