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Join me in 2016 as The Blakes Boys Series moves into the next phase of storytelling! The adventures continue as the Blakes keep on living and loving the only way they know how on the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch.  We’ll see new love blossoming as well as returning favorites.  The Blake family continues to grow as each love story brings a new family member into the fold.  

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Stranded in Paradise Excerpt Banner

 Stranded in Paradise

Book #13

Jared’s Story!

A long overdue vacation is the setting for Jared to meet the woman of his dreams!

Stranded in Paradise Excerpt 

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 Derek Charisma Exceprt Banner 1

Slap Shot

Book #14

Derek’s Story!

Seth’s good friend, hockey player Derek Popovich finds love in the most unlikely place!

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 Off Season Banner 1

Off Season

Book # 15

Life after football begins for Seth, Morgan and the kids!

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Wyatt Avery Story Banner

Worth the Wait

Book #16

Wyatt’s Story!

Bo’s wild baby brother is always on the prowl until he meets his match!Divider 4

 Leap of Faith Excerpt I Banner

Leap of Faith

Book #17

Channing & Cassidy’s Continued Story!

Channing and Cassidy continue their loving journey as the couple considers their parenting options.

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Begin Again 

Book 18

Corbett’s Story!

Corbett learns to navigate his new family landscape as his world comes undone and he finds it’s leading him to Texas for the holidays.

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