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Character Profile: Megan Shaw (All or Nothing Series)


      Megan, a buyer for a department store, was looking for Mr. Right Now.  She wasn’t all that interested in finding a husband so much as having fun.

    – Leap of Faith

Name:                             Megan Shaw

Occupation:               Department Store Buyer

Marital Status:          Single                                        Read the rest of this entry

Character Profile: Logan Holbrook (All or Nothing Series)


      Women loved the roguish team owner with the complicated relationship with his filthy rich, old-money Texas daddy. 

    – Hard Target

Name:                             Logan Holbrook

Occupation:               Team Owner

Marital Status:          Single                                        Read the rest of this entry

Riley’s Sports Now Interview – Part 2 (All or Nothing Series)


Sports Now:  “Riley, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to sit down with us.”

Riley Sloane: “It’s a pleasure to be here.”

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