Throwback Couple Spotlight: Tate & Isabelle

Tate and Isabelle. From their first meeting in Seth and Morgan’s kitchen to their adventures in Las Vegas, it was clear that this musical couple were meant to be.

Tate’s character took on a life of its own after we met him in Seth and Morgan’s stories. It became clear there was a bigger story to tell of the country singer who lived on the Blake family homestead. As Tate’s troubled past unfolded, I saw an opportunity to flesh out his life and it became apparent the velvety voice rogue just needed the right person to set him on the path to true love. And who else could do it but a violinist in the process of mending her own broken heart and finding her way? And a Reed woman to boot? Isabelle may be the more reserved of her cousins, but she still has a spark that sets the women in the Reed family apart.

New readers, check out their books in the series, Texas Heat and their sequel Cowboy’s Heart.

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What is your favorite Tate and Isabelle book/scene?

What did you like about this dynamic couple?

Do you think Tate will ever resolve things with his biological father?

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Character Profile: Channing Blake (The Blake Boys Series)

Channing Blake Banner

Channing is so sweet you can eat him with a spoon. If I were five years younger, I’d get arrested just so he could be my lawyer.” – Michelle, The Blake Legacy

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Name:                        Channing Jacob Blake

Occupation:              Law Student

Marital Status:          Happily Single

Where I Live:            Twelve Horseshoes Ranch

                                   Blake County, Texas

                                   (When I’m not at law school.)


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It’s not easy being the baby in the family, especially when you have overachieving brothers like mine. We have a CEO, football player, country music star and a budding race car driver. I’m considered the brainy one in the group, so I decided to study law. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have an attorney in the family when we get into scrapes every now and again. I may be the youngest but I am by far the most adorable and my momma’s favorite. Continue reading