Cowboy’s Heart (Book 8 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt I

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Release Date: March 6th!


Tate & Tyler help the boys get ready for a night of fun in Las Vegas. 

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 When Tate dropped by Channing’s suite to see what the guys were up to, he found Channing, Bo and Jared all dressed up and ready to hit the town. The evening they’d planned included gambling and club hopping, the men were determined to ditch their Continue reading

The Jake Chronicles 3 – Music Lesson with Uncle Tate


          Mom and Aunt Isabelle are helping Michelle plan a surprise for Uncle Tyler so Uncle Tate volunteered to give us our music lesson today. He’s been looking in the hall closet for instruments for the last half hour but I don’t think he knows Aunt Isabelle just plays her violin for us and gives us snacks. He’s been busy lately getting ready for his world tour but he seems a little more frazzled than usual. It may have something to do with meeting his future in-laws. I heard mom tell dad that Aunt Isabelle’s parents were going to be joining the family for Uncle Tate’s last concert date in Las Vegas and he was more nervous than a pig at a barbecue restaurant. Whatever that means. Continue reading