New Release: Cowboy’s Heart (The Blake Boys #8)




 Reconciling the past. Speeding toward the future. Can a cowboy’s heart survive the now?

Country singer Tate McGill has never been happier. He’s engaged to Isabelle, the woman of his dreams, and his music career has shot him straight to the top. With his adopted Blake clan gathered in Las Vegas for the last leg of his world tour, Tate’s excited to publicly announce his engagement. But his excitement is bittersweet. Isabelle has found a collection of beautiful, unpublished country songs by Tate’s late birth mother and a lifetime’s worth of letters between her and his adopted mother, Teri-Lyn, matriarch of the powerful Blake family. Tate’s given all he has to overcome his abusive past and build a future for himself and Isabelle, but he’s not sure if his birth mother’s words will bring him closure, or more pain.

Isabelle Reed has a wonderful secret—and terrible timing. She’s engaged to her sexy country music star, Tate McGill, and after months of physical therapy to heal the arm broken by her abusive ex-husband, she’s finally able to play her violin professionally again. But best of all, she’s pregnant! Unfortunately, her timing couldn’t be worse. Tate’s afraid to have children, fearing he’ll perpetrate the cycle of abuse he suffered as a child. And with the shadows of his birth mother’s letters, and Isabelle’s disapproving father coming to meet “that cowboy,” Tate has enough on his plate. His entire career is riding on this last gig of his tour and on the film that’s being made about him and his band. He can’t be distracted by the ghosts of his past that Isabelle knows her news will raise. If she can just hide her morning sickness until after Vegas… Continue reading

Cowboy’s Heart (Book 8 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II

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Release Date: March 20th!


Tate meets Isabelle’s parents for the first time.

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Tate was happy that everyone was hyped about the last performance being the centerpiece for the documentary. They’d been touring for what seemed like an eternity and he had mixed feelings seeing it come to an end.

“Tate, your beautiful flowers are here. Isabelle is going to love them.” Cyril’s assistant came into the dressing room and put the huge bouquet on the table.

“Thanks Stephanie. Have you seen Cyril?”

“He’s out front talking to the lighting director.” Continue reading