Throwback Couple Spotlight: J.J. & Sam

J.J. and Sam. The chemistry between this couple was palpable from the moment they met.

J.J., the handsome, brooding ex-football player turned CEO for the family business and eldest Blake son had a way of making women swoon. There’s something about J.J. Blake that made the women around him harbor secret crushes and fanciful daydreams. J.J. was in the process of turning a page in his life when Regency security specialist Samantha Jane Carson stepped into his office to discuss security protocols for Blake Enterprises.

Sam, the former police officer turned private security specialist, was different from the women J.J. had previously dated. And definitely the opposite of his beauty queen ex-wife Eden. Sam was beautiful, tough and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, even if it meant putting her life in danger to protect her clients. J.J. and Sam clashed over her heroics but he loved and respected her feistiness and dedication to those she vowed to safeguard. It took some tough negotiation but in the end the magnate reached a deal for a happily-ever-after with the woman of his dreams.

J.J.’s motto is go big or go home. Whether it be demolishing a multi million dollar home he’d shared with his ex-wife to start anew or that awesome Christmas present he gave Sam (present reveal is in Begin Again, Corbett and Anna Beth’s Christmas themed book 18).

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Destiny Vacations – J.J. Blake’s Denver Colorado

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There are moments when a story comes together and my recent trip to Denver, Colorado was a cosmic wink of sorts to J.J. and Sam’s upcoming story, The Perfect Storm. When I started J.J.’s backstory months ago, Colorado popped into my head and I knew John Jacob Blake Jr., ex-quarterback for the fictional Denver Colts had found a periodic home away from the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch. Continue reading

Character Profile: Sam Carson (The Blake Boys Series)


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Name:                           Samantha Jane “Sam” Carson

Occupation:               Security Specialist

                                          Regency Private Security Group                            

Marital Status:        Single

Where I Live:                Dallas, Texas

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