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Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Blake World Supporting Character?

The Blake World has many characters moving about the canvas but some standout to readers. Whether it be wise cracking Cal who owns the Bright Star or the devilish doctor Grayson who loves trouble, they are the people who become dear as they help the main characters in their quests for love and happiness.

Who’s your favorite Blake World supporting character?
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Poll: Name that Character Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Banner

Which astrological signs do you think are a good fit for the characters in the Blake Boys series?

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Poll: New Year’s Eve at the Ranch

2016 New Years Banner

It’s a magical time for the Blake family as they prepare for their annual New Year’s Eve party.  The Blake kids get to stay up and have fun with the adults, but can they make it to midnight?  Uncle Tyler and Uncle Channing have decided to turn it into a fun wager.   The winner gets exempt from ranch chores for all of 2016! Read the rest of this entry

Poll: The Blake Boys Dossier – Regency Private Security Group

Poll Banner

Sam Carson is the security specialist who oversees everything Blake.  Who’s the biggest loveable troublemaker?


Stay tuned to find out how much she knows!

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