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New Playlists!

The Jared & Autumn and Wyatt & Avery playlists are up!

It’s early days but I’m taking requests!

The Blake women believe Jared & Autumn are the perfect match, if only they could get these two together!  

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Music That Inspires: Morgan & Seth’s Playlist


Morgan and Seth’s Playlist!

(Updated 11/3/13!)

Here’s a few of the songs that I’ve added to their playlist since

For the Love of the Game:

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Journey into Ebb Tide!

      I love the west coast, particularly California!  Each time I visit I bring back a boat load of story       ideas. Ebb Tide is the result of one of those California trips and a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway sealed the deal.  Imagine pulling over onto a shoulder and that (see pic) is your view!  Cali was definitely going to be the backdrop for my story about a self-made, adventurous playboy and his unique relationship with his straight laced attorney.

      Let’s see…light, crisp, contemporary jazz inspired me for this one.  On the surface Griffin and Evan have a light and breezy relationship.  Listening to Najee, David Sanborn, Paul Hardcastle,  and Boney James while cruising down that scenic highway is sublime.  These are a few of the songs that helped me bring clarity to Griffin and Evan.

Inspirational Soundtrack

What You Do To Me – Najee

Blue Beach – David Sanborn

Lost Summer – Paul Hardcastle

Aint No Sunshine – Boney James

Sailing – Christopher Cross

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