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Throwback Couple Spotlight: Derek & Charisma

Derek and Charisma. A superstar hockey player with a tabloid love life and a head strong Reed woman with a penchant for finding trouble at every turn. Derek knew from the moment they met that Charisma was different from his usual exploits. There was more to her than her publicized, tumultuous romances and the rumor mill that loved to gossip about her. This powerful couple hit the ground running the day they met and it’s been amazing to see where life has taken them.

It was clear Charisma hit a nerve with readers (you either loved her or hated her). Just when you thought you had her pegged, she’d surprise you. Through it all she’s remained tough, spunky and stylishly dressed while she took a few tumbles with bad boys who were no good for her. With help from Grandma Reed, she found her footing again and that led her to the love of her life, Derek.

New readers, check out their books in the series, Slap Shot and their sequel Playing For Keeps.

And listen to Derek and Charisma’s playlist

Check out Derek’s Character Profile

Check out Charisma’s Character Profile

What is your favorite Derek and Charisma book/scene?

What did you like about this dynamic couple?

What did you think of Charisma’s transformation in the series?

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Book Scenes – Playing for Keeps

Ripped from the pages, book scenes are the visual moments that leap off the page and into our hearts.

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Book Scenes

Playing for Keeps Trivia Giveaway

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Grand Prize

 Mouse Pad, sticky notes and pen!

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Playing for Keeps Revised Release Date


Playing for Keeps

Book 19 in the Blake Boys series


Derek and Charisma’s continued story 

Will be released on Friday, February 17th! 

Stop by release day and check out the great swag giveaways and trivia game!

In case you missed it, check out:

Derek & Charisma’s Playlist

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