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Pub News: Worth the Wait Release Date

Worth the Wait (The Blake Boys Book 16), Wyatt and Avery’s story, will be released on July 23rd!  

The college students met in Meet the Blakes and have been driving each other crazy ever since.  

Avery made her debut in the series in The Blake Legacy as a pre-teen who idolized her Uncle Seth.  Wyatt reconnected with his big brother Bo in Executive Desires and was introduced to life on the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch.  As the pair get ready for life after college, they finally face their feelings for each other.

Check out Wyatt and Avery’s character profiles.  The playlist is up!  Feel free to leave a song suggestion.  I will add it.

Wyatt & Avery’s Playlist


Character Profile: Wyatt Connelly (The Blake Boys Series)


“Wyatt is too handsome for his own good, thinks dating is a sport and has yet to declare a major, much to my mother’s dissatisfaction.” Bo scratched at his beard. Being with Wyatt felt familiar. He was a good-looking kid who didn’t take anything seriously. It was clear the ladies loved him but he needed a little direction. “You know, he reminds a lot of Tyler.”

– Bo  – Executive Desires

Name:                             Wyatt Connelly

Parents:                         Bonnie & Buck

Where I Attend   

College:                            Texas

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Character Profile: Avery Reed (The Blake Boys Series)

  Avery Reed Banner

             “Looks like Avery inherited the Reed hips.” Isabelle removed her hat.

            “Yeah.  A boy tried to talk to her in the gift shop and Jared, Seth and Channing were drawing straws over who was going break his legs.” Morgan shook her head.

     – Isabelle and Morgan – Cowboy’s Heart


Name:                     Avery Elizabeth Reed

Parents:                       Robert & Alicia

Where I Attend

College:                            Texas

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