Character Profile: Seth Blake (The Blake Boys Series)


     Morgan couldn’t deny he was good-looking. If you went for that all-American, rugged, handsome type with a hint of Southern accent oozing out of his mouth every now and again.

    – For the Love of the Game

Name:                          Seth Blake

Occupation:               Quarterback

                                       Philadelphia Titans     

Married to:                  Morgan Blake   

Where I Live:              Philadelphia, PA

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Character Profile: Morgan Blake (The Blake Boys Series)

          Morgan Blake Banner

         She had a sweet, girl-next-door look, not the model-of-the week type he’d been dating for the past two years. When she smiled, something in him warmed inside. She stopped for a moment, surveying the airport with a hopeful look on her face. Suddenly Seth didn’t feel the need to leave paradise after all.

– For the Love of the Game

Name:                          Morgan Reed-Blake

Occupation:               Bookstore Owner


Married to:                 Seth Blake   

Where I Live:             Philadelphia, PA

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