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I’ve started a new podcast that will convert my posts to audio! So for you travelers out there, you can listen to posts like The Jake Chronicles, Kenzie’s Capers and the Rabbit Hole Chronicles.

Pub News: Author Chronicles Issue 3 Rhonda Laurel, Romance Author

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  1. Pub News: Author Chronicles Issue 3
  2. Pub News: Author Chronicles Issue 2 – 2021 Year End Review
  3. The Jake Chronicles 14 – Triple T After Dark (OK, After School)
  4. Throwback Christmas Romance Begin Again (The Blake Boys #18)
  5. Pub News: Author Chronicles – End of Year Q & A

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Kenzie’s Capers – Weekend with Parker and Avery


Note: This Kenzie’s Capers episode occurs during the upcoming Hot Pursuit.


         I’ll be spending the weekend with Parker and Avery. It’s fun hanging out with them. We eat junk food, watch television and they let me stay up as late as I want. Things have been strange at their place lately since Cousin Bridgette moved in with them. After getting in trouble in school last semester, she had two options. Go live with the family or go home. She didn’t want to live on the ranch because she said nothing exciting happens here. I don’t know what she’s talking about. We have plenty of fun on the ranch. We have horses, plenty of toys and we eat all the time. Mom says Bridgette’s not used to the family yet and it will take some time. Dad says Bridgette coming to Texas was a test of how to deal with a rebellious teenage girl. Continue reading