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Character Profile: John Jacob Blake (The Blake Boys Series)

“John Jacob Blake speaking. You’ve got ten seconds to speak fast or not at all,” his father said into the phone.

Seth laughed. “Hey, Daddy.”

     – John Jacob and Seth – The Blake Legacy

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 Name:                   John Jacob Blake

Occupation:          Rancher/Business Owner

Marital Status:      Hitched

Spouse:                  Teri-Lyn

Where I Live:         Blake County, Texas

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Character Profile: Teri-Lyn Blake (The Blake Boys Series)


“Do you need me to show you how to work anything?”

“What makes you think this is my first time in a race car? Before I had you kids, I had a pretty interesting life.” She winked and got in the car.

     – Tyler and Teri-Lyn – Slow Burn


Name:                   Teri-Lyn Blake

Occupation:          Full Time Momma & Grandma

Marital Status:     Happily Married

Spouse:                  John Jacob

Where I Live:       Blake County, Texas

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