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The Perfect Storm Book Trailer

The Perfect Storm (Book 6 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II

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J.J.’s getting ready for a date with the help of the Blake women.

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Excerpt II


          J.J. wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the bedroom to find Teri-Lyn, Morgan and Isabelle in his closet rifling through his clothes.

            “Hello ladies.” He tightened the towel.

            “Hey baby. We thought we’d come help you pick out an outfit for your date tonight.” Teri-Lyn held up a blue dress shirt.

            “How did you know I had a date?”

            “Channing told us. You know he can’t hold water let alone a juicy detail like you’re going out with a woman. Where are you taking her? Is it a formal or casual atmosphere?” Morgan came at him with a bottle in her hand. Read the rest of this entry

The Jake Chronicles 2 – Big Brothers Club Meeting with Uncle J.J.


Uncle J.J. is teaching me all about being a big brother so I got to hang out with him today. He forgot an important file at work so we had to go to Dallas to his huge office at Blake Enterprises. Anna Beth, his executive assistant, smiles a lot at Uncle J.J. when he’s not looking.

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Pub News: Release Date for The Perfect Storm (The Blake Boys Series Book 6)

News! Announcements!

J.J.’s Story

The Perfect Storm

Release Date – October 17th!


In case you missed it, check out J.J. and Sam’s character profiles!

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