Character Profile: Patton Hawkes (The Blake Boys Series)


Patton Hawkes Banner 2

       “What changed?”

       “Patton Hawkes.” Seth smiled. “The first words Patton ever said to me were ‘So, you’re here to save the world.’ Then he laughed.”

       “What did you say to him?”

       “I told him I didn’t know about saving it, but I brought my shovel to help the Titans dig themselves out of the hole they were in.” He sighed. “Patton told me he was here to dig with me.”

      “And the budding bromance of Seth Blake and Patton Hawkes begins.” She giggled.

     – Morgan & Seth, The Blake Legacy


Name:                        Patton Hawkes

Occupation:            Linebacker/Philadelphia Titans

Marital Status:        Married

Spouse:                      Nina

Children:                  Gabriella  “Gabby”

Where I Live:          Center City/Philadelphia, PA

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Character Profile: Nina Hawkes (The Blake Boys Series)


Name:                              Nina Hawkes

Occupation:                     Event Planner

Marital Status:                 Married

Spouse’s Name:                Patton Hawkes

Spouse’s Occupation:       Linebacker for the Philadelphia Titans

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